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When we broke up with my long-term partner, I was suddenly faced with confusion about the "jungle of online dating apps". You know, when I was single before, online dating apps didn’t exist in my world. So as suggested by my friends, I downloaded two online dating apps, learned about swiping left and right, and went for it! A few weeks and a few dates later, I was exhausted. I kept attracting weird guys, was confused, and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. So I deleted the apps and hired Zuzana. I won’t be sharing details here but let me tell you this - I learned more about myself and men in the first two sessions than I did in 1.5 years of therapy. Due to Zuzana's coaching, I changed on the inside. My view of men and dating changed too. Long story short - I installed the apps again and it took TWO dates for me to meet my boyfriend. :-) Thank you, Zuzana! 💙

Iveta, Prague

Sometimes it’s not a matter of finding love. It’s a matter of having the right environment for, when the right person is found, love to flourish. I say this because without Zuzana I 100% believe I would have screwed up my relationship with this man. I started my journey with Zuzana just before meeting him in person (for the first time after 10 years of talking) and I quickly realised how many triggers/ beliefs held me back from trusting and committing to him. With a toxic relationship under my wing from two years prior, I found my past traumas were putting filters over his open and honest actions, painting him into someone he wasn’t. But, with Zuzana, I was able to ground myself, look inwards and allow myself to be loved and to love. So, yes, this is my recommendation to you to have a dating coach before, during or after love. Because maybe you’ve found many an opportunity for love to develop but it simply didn’t have what it needed to grow. ALSO He bought me a Nintendo for my birthday! And YES my favourite game is bomberman.

Chloe, UK/Sweden

Before I started working with Zuzana I wanted to find "a man with a plan" a partner with nice masculine energy that would plan dates and make plans. However, in order to do achieve that - I needed to stop being the person that makes all the plans. I've learned how to be in a relationship and not feel like I have to do that. I didn't understand the value I could bring to a relationship without being the person who's always making plans and decisions. I stopped being willing to date men, who wanted me to do all the planning. I ruled people out really quickly and saved a lot of time. I raised my standards. I stand by what I really want. When I find it, I know and I accept it and enjoy it. Zuzana explained to me the power and value of the receptive feminine energy. When I met my partner I recognized this and I didn't let my old habits and old way of thinking sabotage my enjoyment. When he showed up in my life, I was ready for him, thanks to Zuzana

Amy, Berlin

I reached to Zuzana for help because of my dating life and because I wanted to attract high quality men instead of struggling with meeting men which I had very disappointing experiences with. Zuzana helped me with different tools to find out what I really want instead of making society's expectations my own. I can see the difference in the quality of men I am attracting. They are much more respectful, interested in me and nice to chat with. I went from "all men on dating apps only want sex" to "There are a lot of decent and nice men out there for me". I learned that I am absolutely worthy of my soulmate and that I can allow this to happen in my life and to let great things happen in every area of my life. I have become much more optimistic and proactive when it comes to listening to my true inner voice. These are changes I only dreamed of when I started working with Zuzana but had almost given up on. I am in the process of allowing myself to open up and let good things come to me instead of chasing them down - wow! Working with Zuzana, having her listening to me without judgement and supporting me with her work has comforted and encouraged me very much. I would definitely recommend Zuzana because she has a very welcoming, down-to-earth personality, very professional and  compassionate at the same time. I actively picked her since she knows what it means to live as an expat and knows what it means to deal with the ups and downs of living abroad. I recommend working with Zuzana to every woman who is ready to be committed to herself, to take full responsibility for her personal growth and is willing to make an effort in actively changing her beliefs about dating, men and herself.

Amalia, Vienna

Before I started working with Zuzana I was self conscious and told myself that I'm undateable and that something is wrong with me. I was also trying to be less picky, as I myself and my friends considered this a problem. Thanks to Zuzana I know now its not a problem and that I just know what I want and now know how to get it. When I was looking for help, Zuzana stood out for me because of her training and background in psychology. The internet is flooded with self-taught coaches and for me it was very important to find someone, who also has knowledge on the human psyche, as our dating habits are more underlying than we first think. I felt with her I can dive even deeper. She was very friendly and open and I had no problems opening up to her as I always felt safe. Since working with Zuzana I found more self worth in me and dared to get in contact with someone I like - with the right mindset.  It really surprised me what a good listener she is. I can only recommend her and am happy that I've taken on this journey. Now, I know what I want. I'm confident. I'm worth it and won't settle for less.

Dunja, Berlin

Zuzana helped me to identify negative perceptions in my thinking about my love life. I am no longer consumed by them. She helped me to realize that I have a lot more control of my negative thoughts than I previously thought and received the toolkit to work with them. The biggest change for me was finding a better connection with my inner self, not so afraid of being alone, which means I don't radiate neediness as much any more. I don't fall into an uncontrollable spell of sadness, I am able to work with them. I have learned that I was too influenced by my environment and wasn't connected enough to my own thoughts. I stress less and I am able to talk through differences in opinions about relationships with the person I am dating, I am enjoying the time spent together as opposed to obsessively planning a family.

Lucie, London

When I met Zuzana  I was still recalling from a very painful break-up that left me feeling broken a and worthless. Zuzana helped me to rebuild my self confidence. Thanks to her I now know that it is OK to be single and that when I start dating again, it will be on my terms. Zuzana is a very good listener, gentle and empathetic. I definitely recommend her to everyone who wants to feel empowered in their love life.

Mirka, Paris

The biggest change has been my own perspective and my own confidence in myself and not wanting to compromise on what I was seeking, as Zuzana would say, shifting from scarcity to abundance! I keep going through your materials to assess my own feelings, trust, respect and values and get reassured when I find a lot of meeting ground with my date. You are such a blessing for me!

Sarita, India

Zuzana has had such a massive impact on my life. She has helped me achieve my goals and helps me to stay well as a whole. Thank you, Zuzana!

Kelly, UK

I'm really grateful for the coaching I received from Zuzana. I was in a bit of a dark sot when we began seeing each other and she really held space for me to compassionately reprogram my mind and step into the highest sparkliest version of myself. I was feeling quite stuck in my fearful avoidant attachment style. She helped e hold the highest vision that I have for myself not only in my love life but in my career as well I often try to do things all on my own but it was really great to have Zuzana's suport when I needed it.

Melody, Berlin

I vividly recall my first interaction with Zuzana. I participated in the masterclass that she took on relationships and was simply blown away. For the first time, I understood what it meant to have a mindset of abundance v/s that of scarcity when it comes to relationships.

Her emphasis on self awareness and being kind to oneself has the power to completely change perspective and create new experiences. For example, this quote from her still resonates for me very strongly: "Make sure we are available for ourselves as much as we are available for others and that naturally creates the element of us being worthy."

There are so many aspects to a relationship that we hesitate to share, talk about, or even contemplate. Zuzana, with her deep understanding of the psychology of relationships is able to extract the very best from you. Her easy style coupled with her coaching skills makes one open up to her and share fears of dating, rejection, non-acceptance, etc.

From her I learnt the difference of not sticking to expectations but rather, staying true to our own standards. What does your list of 'must haves' say so that you can be open and are happy to invest time and energy into the relationship? What is that list of 'no gos' that one would not tolerate in relationship at any point? I can go on and on about the priceless nuggets that you can pick up from Zuzana.

If you are lost in the layers of relationships, if you struggle to find yourself, if peace of mind eludes you, if trust is an issue with you, Zuzana is your go to relationship coach!

Sarita, India

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