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12-week group program with a psychologist & dating coach Zuzana Svepesova

This program is for you if…

  • You keep attracting the same type of men 

  • Find it difficult to meet suitable men to date

  • You struggle to attract high quality men and instead attract men who appear great at first but soon start losing interest, invest less, are unable to connect to you physically and emotionally and show zero interest in long term commitment

  • You feel men are intimidated by your achievements and independence. 

  • Men trigger you and your past wounds

  • You have a need to take the lead, to control and know what is coming and have trouble receiving from others, especially men.

  • You tend to always end up in a friend zone

  • You feel exhausted and in the “effort and doing” all the time. You seem to be the one driving the relationship forward.

  • You don’t want to repeat the same patterns in your relationships again

  • You are scared of rejection and want to learn how to manage your anxiety and insecurities around relationships when they come up

  • Dating feels like a part-time job

  • You invest your time and energy in online and IRL dating but hear crickets back

  • You feel like something definitely needs to change but you are not sure where and how to start

  • You are ready to meet your special someone

  • You feel overwhelmed, tired and confused when dating

  • You are ready to create a secure, loving and fulfilling relationship but you are not where or how to start

  • You want to better understand yourself and your date 

  • You are coming back to dating after a breakup or a break and you want to do things differently this time

Does this sound like you?



What will you get when you join DATING BOOTCAMP

The DATING BOOTCAMP will help you:

  • Clarify your dating and relationship goals

  • Identify your dating blind spots 

  • Recognize your and your date’s patterns and navigate them with ease and confidence

  • Address and remove the sabotaging patterns in your dating and relationships

  • Create tailored approach to dating that is unique to you and attract exactly the person you desire

  • Become a magnet to high quality dates

  • Set up for success in dating both inside and out

  • Trust yourself, others and the process

  • Recognize a high quality, compatible match online and in real life 

  • Recognize a committed date from a fake or not serious one

  • Manage anxiety, fear and all the emotions that can emerge in dating

  • Understand yourself, your dates and dating better

  • Date less better

  • Create your own ‘Dating Menu’ where you can pick and choose the tools and techniques that work best for you in any dating situation

  • Create space emotionally and physically that attracts abundance of love

  • Explore, learn and practice in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space

  • Feel safe in the process of the transformation when things get tough

  • Create inviting space for your ideal match to come to you without you having to work hard for it

  • Get professional guidance and support

  • Increase your confidence and trust in online and IRL dating

  • Getting your dating goals faster

  • Stop repeating the same mistakes in dating

  • Understand how you past affects your dating today and how you can create the future of your love life despite what happened in the past

  • Get results in your romantic relationships you desire


Let’s create an exquisite dating profile that stands out, remove red flags and low value details and set it up to attract high quality, compatible matches.



Exclusive 1:1 support tailored to your unique needs



Get off the dating rollercoaster and become a magnet to high quality dates with the 77 proven love attraction hacks

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The Ultimate Way How to Date Less Better

10 Proven Ways to Attract a Healthy Relationship with a High Quality partner this year.


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+Bonus Worksheets to help you attract love with ease

Get off the dating rollercoaster and become a magnet to high quality dates with the 77 proven love attraction hacks.


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Home Study Course

In this course you will learn how to rebuild trust in yourself, others and your future using T.R.U.S.T. Building Formula.

It will teach you practical, soothing tools and meditations to help you navigate your healing journey and gain confidence in your ability to handle whatever comes your way in the future.