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You should definitely join the upcoming FEMININE & MASCULINE ENERGY IN DATING online event if you:

You struggle to attract high quality men and instead attract men who appear great at first but soon start losing interest, invest less, are unable to connect to you physically and emotionally and show zero interest in long term commitment

You feel men are intimidated by your achievements and independence. In the event I will show you how this cannot be further from the truth!

Men trigger you and your past wounds

You have a need to take the lead, to control and know what is coming and have trouble receiving from others, especially men.

You tend to always end up in a friend zone

You feel exhausted and in the “effort and doing” all the time. You seem to be the one driving the relationship forward.

If any of the above is you, join me on Tuesday 29th of November at 5pm London time where I will teach you 5 ways to create balance in your relationships and attract high quality men with DOING LESS.


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Are you a single, smart & ambitious woman ready to meet your soulmate?


Hi, I am Zuzana! 

  • Transformational Psychologist for professional women 30+

  • Dating Expert (have helped clients to meet their partner within 6 months)

  • Coach (ICF Accredited)

I combine my professional expertise, skills and personal experience and to help ambitious and independent women like yourself to attract their own high value partner with ease and to be TRULY LOVED for who they are


Did you know dating does not have to feel like hard work? Meeting a genuine, quality guy can be effortless and enjoyable. And YOU already have all it takes or/and you are totally able to create all that, right now!

Are you ready do discover how?


Zuzana Svepesova

Your fulfilled love life is like your dream destinations you would love to go to and enjoy. You can only get there if you know where you are going and are ready to not settle for anything less than that.

My S.O.U.L. Method has been helping my clients to feel confident and valued and most importantly, to attract quality dates! 

It worked for me, it works for them and it will work for you too!

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Are you ready to attract your soulmate?